Safety Subcommittee

About the Safety Subcommittee

The Safety Subcommittee is being led by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC). The Subcommittee will generally focus on the following areas:

  • Drivers: Educating new and existing drivers on newer safety technology
  • Vulnerable users and hazards: Vehicle recognition and response to hazards and vulnerable users
  • Law enforcement: Knowledge of how to investigate and report on AV involved crashes
  • Law enforcement and emergency responders: Awareness of on-scene response to incidents/crashes involving driverless vehicles
  • Other: Other safety, law enforcement and emergency responder concerns

Meeting information and agendas for the Subcommittee will be posted on this page under each meeting date. You can also find additional resources on the Resources page.

The Subcommittee Chair and Co-Chair are as follows:

WTSC Staff Contact:

Debi Besser, Washington Traffic Safety Commission |

Additional Resources

Federal Government & National Organizations Publications:

Vulnerable users:

Meeting Results

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