Safety Subcommittee

About the Safety Subcommittee

The Safety Subcommittee is being led by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC). The Subcommittee will generally focus on the following areas:

  • Drivers: Educating new and existing drivers on newer safety technology
  • Vulnerable users and hazards: Vehicle recognition and response to hazards and vulnerable users
  • Law enforcement: Knowledge of how to investigate and report on AV involved crashes
  • Law enforcement and emergency responders: Awareness of on-scene response to incidents/crashes involving driverless vehicles
  • Other: Other safety, law enforcement and emergency responder concerns

Meeting information and agendas for the Subcommittee will be posted on this page under each meeting date.

The Subcommittee Co-Chairs are as follows:

  • Captain Tom Foster, Washington State Patrol
  • Michael Transue, Attorney, State and Local Government Affairs

WTSC and WSP Staff Contacts:

Debi Besser, Washington Traffic Safety Commission |

Additional Resources

Federal Government & National Organizations Publications:

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