Washington State Autonomous Vehicle Work Group

The Washington State Legislature and the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) are preparing for the arrival of autonomous vehicles (AVs). Through 2023, a diverse Work Group Executive Committee and seven Subcommittees will develop recommendations to prepare for this advancing technology. These recommendations include possible policies, laws and rules to support the safe operation of AVs on public roadways in the state.

Washington is Preparing for Autonomous Vehicles

In 2018, the Washington State Legislature took steps to prepare our state for the operation of AVs on public roadways in the state by directing the Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) to establish and convene a Work Group which consists of diverse stakeholders representing the public and private sectors related to AVs.

The Work Group is led by an Executive Committee and has seven different Subcommittees, with each of the Subcommittees focusing on a specific topic.

As of 2021, 4 companies have self-certified their ability to safely operate in the state with the Washington Department of Licensing. Please visit “AV 101” to learn more about AVs in Washington and around the country.

The first step to moving towards autonomous vehicles is having cars that are better connected with each other. Your car may already use some of these connectivity features like lane assist or adaptive cruise control.

Latest News

WSTC Releases Annual AV Work Group Report for 2022 Legislative Session

Cover page of the 2022 WSTC AV Workgroup Annual Report
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On November 15, the WSTC submitted their Autonomous Vehicle Work Group 2022 Annual Report to the Governor and State Legislature. The report includes a summary of the work completed in 2022 by the Executive Committee and Subcommittees, and provides recommendations for legislative consideration. Please visit our project library to view the full annual report.