Licensing Subcommittee

About the Licensing Subcommittee

The Licensing Subcommittee is being led by the Department of Licensing (DOL). The Subcommittee will generally focus on the following areas:

  • Manufacturer vehicle testing
  • Pilot certification
  • Vehicle registration
  • Drivers licensing
  • Rules of the road

Meeting information and agendas for the Subcommittee will be posted on this page under each meeting date. You can also find additional resources on the Resources page.

The Subcommittee Co-Chairs are as follows:

  • Beau Perschbacher, Legislative & Policy Director, Department of Licensing
  • Drew Wilder, Compliance Manager, Vicarious Liability Risk Mgmt. LLC

DOL Staff Contact:

Jill Johnson, Department of Licensing | JiJohnson@DOL.WA.GOV

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