Executive Committee

About the Executive Committee

In order to capture stakeholder interests, understand issues thoroughly and engage the public, the WSTC established an Executive Committee as part of the legislatively required membership from SHB 2970. The legislation established Executive Committee membership, allowing additional members to be appointed by the WSTC as needed. A set of operating policies and procedures were adopted to help guide the Work Group's Executive Committee and Subcommittees.

The AV Work Group Executive Committee has 35 members, comprised of:

  • State Senators
  • State Representatives
  • State Transportation Commission
  • State Agencies
  • Governor's Office
  • Academia
  • Cities and Counties
  • Private Sector Businesses
  • Non-profit Entities
  • Underrepresented Communities

Meeting information and agendas for the Subcommittee will be posted on this page under each meeting date. You can also find additional resources on the Resources page.

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